ENG Solinio Village
4 October 2018

ENG Solinio Village è un villaggio agrituristico situato a 9 Km da Cassano delle Murge, sulla vecchia strada per Altamura a ridosso della foresta di Mercadante. È costituito da un’antica stazione di posta per cavalli, sulla via “federiciana”, e da un centro di accoglienza attrezzato per attività turistiche e di ristoro. Borgo Solinio è nato per amore della Natura della […]

accessible itinerary bitonto
Accessible Itinerary in Bitonto
11 May 2018

Bitonto and Giovinazzo are two diamonds of the Apulian territory. The streets, the courtyards, the alleys smell of history and popular traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. This trip will allow us to appreciate the grandeur and magnificence of the Romanic Pugliese style and to savor the dishes of the Apulian gastronomic […]

COMING SOON – Accessible Itinerary to Trani
9 May 2018

Trani overlooks the Adriatic with a light stone amphitheater and the wonderful city port. The historic center of Trani is a suggestive labyrinth of paved alleys that is reflected in the water with the majesty of the Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino and the Castello Svevo, built by Frederick II. Then inside there are craft […]

COMING SOON – Accessible Itinerary to Polignano a Mare
9 May 2018

Polignano a Mare, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is just over 30 km from Bari. The profile of the coast, the high cliffs and the jagged coastline, from Grotta Palazzese to Lama Monachile, of the coast of Polignano one of the most beautiful in Puglia, between hidden coves and delightful sandy inlets. The […]

COMING SOON – Accessible Itinerary to Alberobello
9 May 2018

In the heart of the Murgia dei Trulli, 50 kilometers from Bari, a lovely expanse of pinnacles announces Alberobello, with its characteristic historical center, a World Heritage Site. The heart of the village is entirely made up of the trulli, the original houses in dry stone, whitewashed with lime and the cone-shaped roof made of […]

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